Does Move Music works directly with shops?

Yes we do! Move Music Distribution works as aggregator directly with all major shops such as Beatport, Spotify, Deezer, Google, Junodownload, Traxsource, YouToube and many other.

Can Move Music match, protect and monetize my content on YouToube?

Yes we can ! Move Music Distribution is certified YouToube Content ID partner. We deliver full catalogue to YouToube and therefore all your songs are fingerprinted, protected and monetized on your behalf. In other words, whoever uploads your song or video on YouToube, you are getting paid.

Do I keep my YouTube channel?

Yes you do ! You are always in charge of your YouTube channel. 

Which kind of services are you offering?

We are providing worldwide digital distribution, vinyl distribution, promo pool service, press promotion and audio mastering service for our clients.

How much does the distribution service costs?

Move Music is offering two distribution options.

  1. Standard distribution has no upfront fees or charges. Each label is getting up to 85 % of net sales.
  2. Pay per distribute option costs 9,99 € per track upfront. Each label/artist is getting full 100 % of net sales.

How much does the promo service costs?

Promo service including all premium features such as feedback reminders, various formats including STEMS, unlimited contact list and bandwidth is free for all our clients using distribution service.

When do you provide financial statements?

Move Music provides monthly financial statements.

Am I going to get the login for some other content management system?

No you will not. Move Music is using own custom content management system with all premium feature available.

To which shops are you distributing my music?

We are distributing music to all major download and stream platforms such as Amazon, Apple Music, Beatport, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes, Junodownload, Spotify, Traxsource, Trackitdown, Whatpeopleplay, Wasabeat, Youtube and more than 200 other shops.

Am I going to have the chance to gain featuring placement on shops?

Our marketing strategy is simply. “If you are doing good, we are doing good!”

Because of that we have build a powerful Promo Pool service and combined it with an individual client marketing approach, development strategy and excellent direct relationships with digital shops.

So far, our strategy has shown proven results to many of our clients.

Integrated featuring request form in Move Music Platform is available for our clients.

As well we constantly share the new and bast industry practices with our clients.

Are you offering client support?

Day to day support is available for all our clients. Our support consists of Help Center, Live Chat support, Phone support and E-mail ticketing support.

Are you offering Mastering service?

Yes we do! Move Music offers high quality human audio mastering both for digital and vinyl purposes.


How to switch from another distributor to Move Music ?

You can switch to Move Music immediately if you are free of contract with your previous distributor. You are free of contract if :

  • You are not under exclusive contract with your current distributor or
  • If your contract is expired or
  • If you ask your current distributor to let you go using another service

Existing labels onboarding at Move Music is usually done in 2 working days.

It is good to know that your content will stay online on some popular stores such as Beatport, Junodownload, Traxsource, WhatPeoplePlay etc. (Content is simply switched from one distributor to another) For all other stores which require takedown of your content by your previous distributor, we will re-deliver the content in short period of time (usually 2-4 working days).